+/-: “Fadeout”

t’s about 2 a.m., too late to fully recap the Album Leaf show we just saw. I also recorded Badly Drawn Boy’s set from KCRW on Wednesday that I’ll post very soon.

Until then, I’ve been really into this track Fadeout (via Largehearted Boy) by +/- (aka Plus/Minus) from Let’s Build a Fire, coming out next week on Absolutely Kosher. Honestly, I don’t know much about this band, other than the trio is from New York and exists somewhere in that vast expanse between electronic and indie pop.

I enjoyed Fadeout enough to backtrack into the group’s catalog and pick up one of it previous albums, You Are Here, from eMusic. After a couple listens, I’d say the band most reminds me of Mobius Band. Fadeout is five wonderful minutes of push and pull, tension and release. At about the four-minute mark, the buildup finally boils over into a guitar-driven haven.

+/- is on tour with Irving, which includes a Nov. 14 stop at Modified in Phoenix.

Our homeboy Matt at Skatterbrain has all the dates and another track.

+/- | Fadeout

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  1. yeah for +/-! it’s composed of one or both, perhaps of the Balyaut (sp) brothers from Versus, who you can find out more about if you IM me later. they were on Merge for a while, and had some stuff on Teenbeat, I think. word.

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