Favorite song of 2010

Better late than never … albums to follow soon.

I had a feeling about England in May, and in the seven months since, nothing changed my mind.

Before even trying to decipher the lyrics – which appears to many, including myself, to be mostly a futile task – the song’s triumphant swell of music had already won me over. England actually surfaced in early-ish 2009, a live version with different lyrics that are about as unintelligible as the final version. … Pffft. Words. Who needs ’em anyway?

The lush instrumentation is the star here, from the opening piano line to the gorgeous layers that build into a climax that’s more subdued than, say, Mr. November, but no less satisfying.

I said in May: “England takes you to the edge, but never jumps, and just the suggestion of a frenetic culmination is sometimes sexier than actually realizing it.” As much as I enjoy the cathartic nature of Mr. November, it has about all the finesse of a hammer on concrete. But the slow simmer of England is breathless in a subtler less screaming way, inspiring a finish that leaves you wanting more.

I also really liked these songs (in no particular order):
Arcade Fire: City With No Children and Rococo
The Morning Benders: Cold War (Nice Clean Fight), Excuses and Stitches
5 O’Clock Shadowboxers: No Resolution 2 (feat. Has-Lo, Elucid and Nico the Beast) and Bottomfeeders (Small Pro Remix)
Band of Horses: NW Apt. and Laredo
The Walkmen: Victory
Beach House: Walk in the Park
Open Mike Eagle: Art Rap Party, Unapologetic (feat. Nocando) and Go Home (feat. Swim Team)
Miniature Tigers: Rock n’ Roll Mountain Troll
Frightened Rabbit: The Loneliness and the Scream and Living in Colour
Phantogram: Mouthful of Diamonds
Aloe Blacc: I Need a Dollar, Loving You is Killing Me and Hey Brother
The Soft Pack: C’mon, Answer to Yourself and Pull Out
Freddie Gibbs: Crushin’ Feelin’s
Isaiah Toothtaker: T.T.T. (prod. by Eric Steuer of Meanest Man Contest)
Big Boi: Tangerine (feat. T.I. and Khujo Goodie) and Shutterbugg (feat. Cutty)
The New Pornographers: Crash Years, Moves and Silver Jenny Dollar
Nocando: Hurry Up and Wait, I’m On (feat. VerBS) and Exploits and Glitches
Retribution Gospel Choir: Workin’ Hard
Kanye West: Monster (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver), So Appalled (feat. Jay-Z, Pusha T, CyHi the Prince, Swizz Beatz and The RZA), Blame Game (feat. John Legend) and Hell of a Life
The Roots: Radio Daze (feat. Blu, P.O.R.N. and Dice Raw), How I Got Over (feat. Dice Raw), The Day (feat. Blu, Phonte and Patty Crash) and Doin’ It Again
Spoon: The Mystery Zone and Trouble Comes Running
The Besnard Lakes: And This is What We Call Progress and Like The Ocean, Like The Innocent Pt. 2: The Innocent
RJD2: A Spaceship for Now
LCD Soundsystem: I Can Change
Menomena: TAOS, Dirty Cartoons and Five Little Rooms

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8 thoughts on “Favorite song of 2010”

  1. Nice! I will start following your blog more, and I’ll catch you on Twitter. For me, Sorrow was the winner on High Violet.

  2. “Sorrow” was also my pick on “High Violet” until the alternate version of “Terrible Love” was released. That was my pick for Song of the Year.

    I was also partial to:
    Band of Horses – “On My Way Back Home”
    The Foals – “After Glow”
    Jimmy Eat World – “Coffee and Cigarettes”
    Jukebox the Ghost – “Schizophrenia”
    Mother/Father – “Physical Heaven”
    The National – “England”, “Conversation 16”
    One eskimO – “Astronauts”
    Snake! Snake! Snakes! – “The Mountain Fire”
    Tokyo Police Club – “Favorite Food”
    We Were Promised Jetpacks – “With the Benefit of Hindsight”

  3. i love the …suspension of the opening piano lines. it almost feels like you are dangling your feet over a deep blue precipice. it literally takes my breath away, every time I hear it.

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