Flobots: Handlebars (DJ Shadow remix)

I’ve been on a DJ Shadow kick of late since reading the 33 1/3 book on Endtroducing … . (In short: Informative but could have done without the Q-and-A format for the entire book; seemed to lack proper context for such an important record.)

So I spent some free time on Tuesday checking out solesides.com, always a favorite. That turned up a remix Shadow did for the Flobots song Handlebars.

To be honest, I haven’t spent enough time with Flobots – from Denver, home of one of my favorite bloggers – to really know what they’re about, but I heard their Tempe show earlier this summer was pretty packed. You can hear the original track at their MySpace. Is there much of a variation in the remix? I’m not hearing it.

A friend suggested that maybe Shadow phoned it in on this one. Thoughts?

  • Flobots | Handlebars (DJ Shadow remix)

5 thoughts on “Flobots: Handlebars (DJ Shadow remix)”

  1. Guess it’s not without a reason why this one isn’t mentioned anywhere official (e.g. djshadow.com)

    thanks for still checking out + mentioning the solesides site.


  2. The Outsider wasn’t as bad as it first seemed, but Shadow seems to have taken its failure pretty hard and now spends all his time releasing awful T-shirts and $50 Japanese imports of music nobody wanted to buy in the first place. And bothering me about them on Facebook.

    Seriously, the dude may have made a couple legendary records, but he seems to be trying his absolute hardest to tarnish his “legacy” with a bunch of shameless pandering to collectors.

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