Friday night: Source Victoria and Lost in the Sun at Teakwoods

It seems 2011 could be a big year for a few of my favorite local bands. If everything falls in place, we could have new albums from Source Victoria, Reubens Accomplice and Kinch, which kicked off an ambitious three-city residency plan on Monday night in Los Angeles.

The common thread? L.A.-based Grammy-winning producer/mixer/engineer Chris Testa, who has also worked with Jimmy Eat World on the 2007 release Chase This Light.

I know the singer of Source Victoria a little bit, so I can say with some certainty that plenty of new material will be played Friday night at Teakwoods, the band’s first show of the new year.

Get a sampling below of one of the tracks, Taking Me On, recorded in November at Sail Inn. And Source Victoria’s first album, The Fast Escape (mixed and mastered by Testa), is still available as a free download.

UPDATE: My apologies to Jamal Ruhe, who, despite the anonymous comment, is in fact the man behind the mastering on all three of the aforementioned albums (a fact I only just learned). Anyone interested in the Phoenix/Tempe music scene should already know or get to know his name. Jamal not only juggled duties in numerous bands, he was the distinguished sound man at Nita’s Hideaway before relocating to New York. (We might have even scuffled on the basketball court once or twice.) New Times archive has plenty of reading material on him.

6 thoughts on “Friday night: Source Victoria and Lost in the Sun at Teakwoods”

  1. How cool is the lead singer! He just takes his time setting himself up at the start then comes in right on the beat! He is also one of the few guys I’ve seen that can keep his coat on whilst on stage LOL!He must be roasting!
    I work as a vocalist and end up as a ball of sweat just wearing a shirt and pants!

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