Frightened Rabbit: Keep Yourself Warm (live in Phx)

Scott Hutchison, singer of Frightened Rabbit, had to feel eerily vindicated when, on Tuesday night at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix — miles and miles and at least one major ocean from his Scotland home — a venue full of fans sang back to him the chorus of the biting break-up song Keep Yourself Warm.

“You won’t find love in a, won’t find love in a hole / it takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm.”

Depression never sounded so cheerful. I imagine for Hutchison that moment – both corny and cathartic – being a tipping point in his career as a musician – here, a group of strangers banded together, telling ex-boyfriends and girlfriends near and far to, well, fuck off. And just like that, words he wrote out of desperation and loneliness became a rallying cry. Even if people weren’t singing it for their own well-being, surely they were doing it for Hutchison, whose ex’s ears probably were ringing somewhere. But, hey, without her we wouldn’t have this masterful album, The Midnight Organ Fight.

Below is a video clip of Keep Yourself Warm that I shot with my digital camera. It’s just the second half of the song, but it captures the mood and energy, I think. (Mike Pace of Oxford Collapse guests on guitar.)

5 thoughts on “Frightened Rabbit: Keep Yourself Warm (live in Phx)”

  1. “it takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm”….i’ve never heard that kind of truth in a song. Amazing songs lyrics! And Kudos to Hutchinson for having fans everywhere understanding his pain through his lyrics.

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