Giant Panda “Fly School Reunion”

Always on the hunt for hip-hop on the positive tip, I recently picked up Giant Panda’s Fly School Reunion. I had good feeling before listening just because the LA-based trio is on Tres Records, along with one of my favorites, People Under the Stairs.

Fly School, the group’s first full-length album, proved my instincts correct. Without being overzealous in my defense of “backpack” rap, the album nails everything I love about a good hip-hop album: the lyrical interplay is seamless, production is consistent and the beats maintain a good-time vibe from start to finish.

Not to mention, Giant Panda is a walking example of social harmony, even if it wasn’t their intention. The trio is diverse (black, white and Japanese), which makes a track like Racist – a sarcastic yet sadly necessary statement on racial stereotypes – all the more sincere.

Giant Panda | Diggin’ in the Tapes
Giant Panda | Racist

Also …

  • Question: Did everyone download Colin Meloy’s concert from NPR? I will consider splitting it up into separate mp3s if there’s a big enough demand (leave it in the comments).
  • The Big Takeover makes note of a promising trend: purchase albums on vinyl and receive a coupon to download it digitally for free. The fantastic Merge Records has made this deal available on the Clientele’s Strange Geometry and Robert Pollard’s From a Compound Eye.
  • Be sure to check out two new additions to the blog roll: Black Balloon and the newly launched Cable and Tweed.
  • You’ve gotta be kidding: An iPod owner in Louisiana is suing Apple, alleging the mp3 player has the potential to cause hearing loss. Story here.

7 thoughts on “Giant Panda “Fly School Reunion””

  1. I’d definitely like to get Meloy’s set. Saw him in NY and it was great. Very entertaining.

  2. I too saw him live in NY and would be very grateful if you would split that NPR show up into separate tracks. I think I’m too stupid to do it myself.

  3. Thanks for the link to C&T!

    New visitors are encouraged to stop by. 😉

    FWIW, I’ve got the new Minus 5 track up with Colin on vocals.

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