Guest DJing on the Blaze 1260

If you’ve ever wanted to hear the voice behind all these inane posts, then Tuesday is your day. I’ll be sitting in for an hour at 11 a.m. PT/MT as part of Guest DJ Week at Arizona State radio station the Blaze (1260 AM), which allows you to stream from the comfort of the chair you are sitting in right now.

Day 1 already offered up a few of my favorite local people, who likely will be tough acts to follow: Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World; Jason Woodbury from Hands on Fire and Martin Cizmar, music editor of Phoenix New Times.

In preparing for this – I was told to put about an hour’s worth of music together – I’ve learned it’s impossible to cram in everything I’d want people to hear. My working list of songs comes from artists that I feel are representative of regular postings around here, though I’m 99.9 percent positive I’m leaving something worthwhile on the cutting-room floor (sorry, Radar Bros. … maybe next time).

So tune in if you can. I’ve been told only about a hundred times that I have a (deep) voice for radio. I guess we’ll find out if that’s true.

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