Hieroglyphics: “Don’t Hate the Player”

My man Matt over at Los Amigos de Durutti wrote up a nice post about the new soundtrack for the NBA 2k7 video game, which is produced by Dan the Automator. The soundtrack has tracks by Rhymefest, Chali 2na and Lupe Fiasco with Evidence of Dilated Peoples … among others. (I tried to find a screen shot of Ben Wallace in a Bulls uniform to no avail. Marion will have to do.)

I had to reiterate the greatness of the Hiero track, Don’t Hate the Player (get it? It’s about basketball … yeah), especially because Casual drops the bomb: “My crossover’s sicker than the Black Eyed Peas.”

Ouch. Funny because we were just at a bar last night and someone seemed to unload their quarters on the Internet jukebox for all Black Eyed Peas material. With little choice but to listen (and drink … heavily), I was stunned (again) at what a money grab BEP went for: My Humps? Christ. Props to Cas for that line then.

Check it out … clean version. Sorry. But I’ll throw in the instrumental for you remixers.

Hieroglyphics | Don’t Hate the Player (clean)
Hieroglyphics | Don’t Hate the Player (instrumental)

Going to check out the Clientele with Great Lakes and local band the Threads tonight at Rhythm Room. Should have some pictures tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Hieroglyphics: “Don’t Hate the Player””

  1. nice to see the hieros getting some love. while cleaning out my basement i found a ras kass and old KMD tape i got from a trade on the old hiero hoopla message board. those were the days.

  2. Ahhhhh, the Hiero hoopla boards. Man, I was up on those all the time. Maybe we traded tapes at some point. I have a ton of freestyle tapes by the Hieros … probably copies of copies of copies.

  3. Hey man —

    thanks for the shout!

    p.s. listenin’ to another 2K7 contributor, E-40, slingin’ his single “U and Dat” (w/ T-Pain & Kandi)on the LAte Show w/ Craig Ferguson as i’m typing this . . .

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