Incoming: Editors, Feb. 12 in Tempe

Thought I was gonna have to make another trip to Los Angeles to see a band, but Editors have kindly included Arizona – Marquee Theatre in Tempe, to be exact – on their tour with Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV.

Tickets ($17.25 advance; $18 day of) on sale here.

I had a chance to interview Editors bassist Russell Leetch (they were in Florida and seemed to be having a lovely time) and will link to story when, you know, I actually write it.

I’m looking forward to see if Editors live up to the raves they seem to get for their live shows. It seems like the bigger songs from An End Has a Start might make for a more spacious presence on stage. In one interview I read, singer Tom Smith described The Back Room as “claustrophobic,” which I would agree with after the band stretched out a bit on the new one.

Video for Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors on Later with Jools Holland:

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