Incoming: Girl Talk, Oct. 23 (Tucson)

I’d be more excited about this one if I didn’t have to drive two hours to Tucson to see it. We had a blast the last time we saw Mr. Gregg Gillis, at the SoCo Music Experience in Tempe in the fall.

Anyway, Girl Talk is playing Rialto Theatre on Oct. 23 with Heart of Darkness and Grand Buffet. Tickets are $15. More info.

Did anyone pick up Feed the Animals? If so, how much did you pay?

  • Girl Talk | Here’s the Thing

A list of samples used in the song.

One thought on “Incoming: Girl Talk, Oct. 23 (Tucson)”

  1. if you wanna hear a track with lots of samples…. ….
    apparently 50 songs!!!!

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