Incoming: Her Space Holiday, May 10

If you live in a region with Cox cable, well, I’m sorry. But you’ve probably seen a commercial for the cable company that features music from Her Space Holiday (aka Marc Bianchi, who is a pretty big De La Soul fan). The track for that ad is Sleepy Tigers, one of the many pleasantly catchy tunes on his fifth album, XOXO, Panda and the New Kid Revival, released in October on Mush Records.

In another of the long line of shows that Stateside Presents is lining up, Her Space Holiday comes to Modified on May 10. No opening act has been announced. Tickets ($10) are available here.

XOXO was my introduction to Bianchi’s bedroom project, so I couldn’t tell you if his previous albums/EPs resemble his work here. But I love the whimsical pop and how it masks some of the more sobering lyrics, like on the standout No More Good Ideas: “Let’s be honest, lets be truthful / we’re a train wreck and this is not new.”

I Used to Love H.E.R.: Her Space Holiday

The aforementioned Cox Communications video below:

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