Incoming: Menemona and The Soft Pack, Sept. 18


A show with Menemona as the sole headliner is enough to qualify as a great night – I can attest the band’s engaging live show – but now Stateside Presents has gone ahead and added a co-headliner in The Soft Pack (pictured above), whose self-titled debut LP that was released in February is one of my very favorites of the year. (I like it so much I bought it in its incredible 7-inch box set form.)

As for Menemona – a band whose name I find amazingly difficult to type correctly for some reason – I just picked up the new album, Mines, today, and after one listen it already sounds like a winner in a year full of them.

Suckers and Tu Fawning open the Sept. 18 show at the Clubhouse. Tickets ($14 advance; $15 day of) are on sale.

Be sure to check out this video of guitarist Matty McLoughlin on on, in which he discusses his past as a reliever for University of Richmond. Pretty cool.

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