Incoming: Mr. Lif, April 29

Other than, say, Chuck D, the Coup’s Boots Riley or El-P, is there another rapper more equipped to provide commentary in these uncertain times than Mr. Lif?

The Boston-based MC returns this year with a new full-length, I Heard it Today, which is out now on iTunes, a week ahead of its actual release on his own Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises imprint.

In support of the album, Lif will be at Chaser’s in Scottsdale on April 29. Tickets are $12 for the show, which also features Grieves and Willie Evans Jr., one of a few producers who lends his talents to the new album (also, Headnodic, Edan, J Zone and more).

I’m not sure who produced The Sun, the lead single, but there’s certainly an uplifting vibe to it, as Lif puts fellow rappers on notice: “MCs will be the vessel as long as they don’t aim the minds of our youth toward material gains.

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