Incoming: Oxford Collapse/Frightened Rabbit,
June 24

Hello, Oxford Collapse.

Stateside Presents is bringin’ it. Just look at the schedule of upcoming shows. (Wolf Parade – yay! – in Tucson – boo!)

Here’s another great one: Oxford Collapse with Frightened Rabbit at Rhythm Room on Aug. June 24. (Buy tickets.) [EDIT: Thanks, Conan, for date correction.]

I actually just picked up the new Frightened Rabbit record, The Midnight Organ Fight, on eMusic. Everything about the band’s name told me to stay away (rabbits are the new wolves, I guess), but then I discovered the band is on Fat Cat, the same label as the Twilight Sad (good), and the new album was produced by Peter Katis, who produced the National’s Boxer (great).

Check out some thoughts at Chromewaves on the group until I form an opinion of my own.

And, honestly, who doesn’t like Please Visit Your National Parks by Oxford Collapse? (And For the Khakis and the Sweatshirts, for that matter.)

3 thoughts on “Incoming: Oxford Collapse/Frightened Rabbit,
June 24”

  1. This show is actually June 24th, not August. I saw Frightened Rabbit in Tucson last year… phenomenal.

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