Incoming: Sea Wolf, Oct. 30


If I was smart, I would have kept the information about Sea Wolf coming to Modified on Oct. 30 from my wife, who has developed what you might call a little crush on Alex Brown Church. And I might hate the guy for it, if, well, I didn’t interview him last fall and find him to be quite pleasant – never mind his talents as a songwriter. Damn you, Alex Brown Church!

And though my wife’s obsession with his debut LP Leaves in the River has not waned, Church is releasing a new album, White Water, White Bloom, on Sept. 22 (Dangerbird Records). The record can be pre-ordered here, and while you’re there, you can listen to and download a bonus track, Stanislaus, for the small cost of your e-mail address.

Tickets ($10) for the Phoenix show can be had here. Port O’Brien and Sara Lov, who earlier this year covered Silversun PIckups, are the openers.

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