Incoming: Sunny Day Real Estate (!), Oct. 9


In my head, I know better than to be so excited about the news that Sunny Day Real Estate is reuniting for a 20-date tour, which includes a stop at Marquee Theatre in Tempe on Oct. 9. It couldn’t ever mean the same as it did 10-plus years ago, but wistful nostalgia wins out every time, doesn’t it?

After so many SDRE breakups, false starts of possible reunions and near reunions (remember The Fire Theft?), I feel like I should definitely embrace this for all it’s worth.

In addition to the reunion, Sub Pop is reissuing remastered versions of Diary and the self-titled second album (or “LP2” or “The Pink Album”) with bonus tracks and new liner notes on Sept. 15 on both CD and LP. (That probably would make a great present for anyone whose birthday falls on or around Sept. 7 … just sayin’.)

Though I’m always suspicious and mostly sour on the double-dipping sales tactics of reissues, I can get behind this one for a couple reasons. For starters, Diary (1994) and LP2 (1995) were released some 15 years ago, so they probably deserve the remastering treatment that technology didn’t allow for back then. And it’s not like they’re asking fans to re-purchase the same album a year later (ahem). Also, if the reissues open up SDRE’s music to a new/younger generation, then what’s the harm in that?

But the best reason for the reissue? I can buy a playable vinyl copy of LP2. My copy – a gift from my brother back in the day – is slightly warped. If I recall correctly, my bro bought it in San Diego, put it in the car trunk and drove it home across the brutal desert heat. Needless to say, it was left a tad misshapen (“melted,” you might say).

I’ll have to do some digging to find the clip, but I interviewed guitarist Dan Hoerner some time ago for a story when I was working at The Arizona Republic during college (I might even have the audio of the interview).

In any event, the reissues will be available at Sub Pop and (which also has presale information on tickets).

New Jeremy Enigk: Life’s Too Short
New Jeremy Enigk: Mind Idea

Full Sunny Day Real Estate tour dates:
September 17th Vancouver, BC/Commodore Ballroom
September 18th Portland/Crystal Ballroom (Musicfest NW)
September 20th Salt Lake City/Murray Theater
September 21st Denver/Ogden Theater
September 23rd Minneapolis/First Avenue
September 24th Chicago/Metro
September 25th Detroit/St Andrews Hall
September 27th New York/Terminal 5
September 28th Boston/House of Blues
September 30th Washington DC/930 Club
October 1st Philadelphia/Trocadero
October 3rd Atlanta/CW Center Stage
October 5th Dallas/Granada Theater
October 6th Houston/Warehouse Live
October 7th Austin/La Zona Rosa
October 9th Tempe/Marquee Theatre
October 10th Anaheim/House of Blues
October 11th Los Angeles/Henry Fonda Theater
October 13th San Francisco/Fillmore
October 15th Spokane/Knitting Factory
October 16th Seattle/Paramount Theatre

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