Incoming: The Album Leaf, July 22

While Jimmy LaValle has kept busy as a member of the newish Adam Franklin/Sam Fogarino band Magnetic Morning, he appears ready to unleash a new record by The Album Leaf.

According to a MySpace blog post from December, a follow-up to 2006’s Into the Blue Again should hit our ears by fall 2009.

“We are going back to Bear Creek Studios to record our next record in February!! Sub Pop Records will again release it and it should be out Fall of 2009!! We’re excited and you should be to!! It will be the first record recorded with the full live band (everyone you’ve seen playing live since 2003) and not just Jimmy.”

It’s probably a safe bet to assume that Jimmy & Co. will be trotting out new material when they play July 22 at the 200-seat Farnsworth Studio Theater at Mesa Arts Center. Tickets ($15 plus venue fees) are on sale now.

I’ve not been inside this particular theater at Mesa Arts Center, but at 200-seat capacity, this has a chance to be a spectacularly intimate/exclusive sort of event (I see only four tour dates listed for The Album Leaf).

P.S. I’d like it noted that I made it through a post about The Album Leaf without using the term “soundscape.”

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