Incoming: The Cool Kids, Aug. 14 (?)

I haven’t found any information on this show other than a listing by a our friends at Silver Platter, but if it’s true, The Cool Kids (assuming we aren’t talking about another group with the same name) are booked for the Clubhouse in Tempe on Aug. 14. That would be about nine months since they played Marquee Theatre with Q-Tip and the Knux as part of the 2K Sports Bounce Tour.

There’s still no release date for the Kids’ debut LP, When Fish Ride Bicycles, but it’s supposed to perhaps/possibly/maybe come out this year. I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, they released the free mixtape Gone Fishing, featuring Don Cannon, whose name is blasted ad nauseam throughout the mix.

The Cool Kids: Pennies (video)
The Cool Kids: Gold and a Pager (live in Atlanta)
The Cool Kids: 2K Pennies
The Cool Kids: Delivery Man (9th Wonder remix)

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