Incoming: Wale, June 17

I’m told by the good folks at Universatile Music that they locked this one down last minute, which, unfortunately, means I don’t have enough lead time to get outta work to see it. But it’s a great get – Wale will be performing this Wednesday at Pinky Ring at Bar Smith. If the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd for Z-Trip at Bar Smith was any indication, this one ought to be packed as well.

While we await his debut LP, allegedly titled Attention: Deficit, you can at least rock the single/video Chillin’ (featuring Lady Gaga) in which Wale name-checks no fewer than four sports figures (Jeremy Shockey, Mills Lane, Chris Mullin, A-Rod). Hopefully, you already copped the Seinfeld-themed The MIxtape About Nothing, released last year to high acclaim.

And if you didn’t catch the reference on Wale’s line “You Bernie Mac funny / we ain’t scared of none of ya” … then you have some research to do.

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