Jimmy Eat World: Clarity Live due out April 7

Thanks to Jimmy Eat World posting Ashley’s review of the NYC Clarity show on Twitter, we got some fresh eyes on the site.

So it seems appropriate to follow that up with news that on April 7 the band will release Clarity Live, a digital-only release through jimmyeatworld.com that will feature DRM-free mp3 and lossless format options and a digital booklet containing pictures of the Clarity x 10 tour.

The press release did not contain a track listing (though that seems pretty obvious) or information about which show(s) on the tour the songs would come from. They gotta include some stuff from Saturday’s Arizona show, right?

To tide you over, here’s a live version of Lucky Denver Mint from the Sweetness CD single (2002), which also includes a live version of If You Don’t, Don’t; the video for sweetness; and live video of Goodbye Sky Harbor (probably my favorite song off Clarity, all 16:11 of it). Per the liner notes, this track was recorded live at La Scala, Nov. 10, 2001.

In more Clarity news, Phoenix New Times’ Up on the Sun blog is posting a recurring feature leading up to Saturday’s homecoming, Reflections on Clarity, in which they ask musicians/fans/etc. for their thoughts on the album.

Lastly, here is the story I wrote on No Knife that I mentioned on Monday.

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