Jonah Matranga, Joshua English, Frank Turner tour

Consider this your friendly reminder to come down to Modified in Phoenix tonight to check out Jonah Matranga, Joshua English and Frank Turner (though I’m not sure in what order they’ll appear). Also on the bill is Western States Motel from Los Angeles.

You’re already aware of how I feel about Jonah’s music (link, link, link) and he dropped by to tell us his thoughts on Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy.

Joshua English, formerly of Six Going on Seven, is new to me, though our friends at Welcome Home Records have remedied that by sending me his upcoming LP, Trouble None (due out April 17).

It’s such a refreshing listen, 13 songs in 31 minutes. No track is longer than three-and-a-half minutes; most hover in the two-and-a-half range. That leaves little room for error and even less of a chance to leave a lasting mark, but English’s lively and distinctive voice packs plenty of emotion in such a short space. He’s proof that writers mustn’t need to endlessly drone on to reach a point.

Doors at 7 tonight. $7. Go.

  • Joshua English | Go ‘head Heal Your Heart

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