k-os: Sunday Morning (Twilight Mix)

I’m still not sure why k-os’ Sunday Morning isn’t huge. It seems like the perfect summer jam, with its catchy beat and singable chorus.

I had a chance to chat with k-os for a story for my day job to help preview the Warped Tour, of which he was a part. He seems eager to break into the States having already cashed in his popularity in his hometown Toronto.

In any event, a collection of his selected singles and some unreleased work, cleverly titled Collected, has been released to help his transition into the U.S.

Here’s one of the tracks, a more slowed-down, deliberate reworking of Sunday Morning. The remix loses a bit of its dance appeal but gains a more leisurely appreciation k-os’ verses.

  • k-os | Sunday Morning (Twilight Mix)

One thought on “k-os: Sunday Morning (Twilight Mix)”

  1. oh mannn please re-up this if you can! i just searched hypemachine for “k-os remix” to see if there was anything good, and i was able to listen to this from there and it is exaaactly what i wanted to hear.

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