Kaiser Chiefs: “The Letter Song” (B-side)

If The Letter Song, the B-side to the Kaiser Chiefs’ Everyday I Love You Less and Less 7″, was a cutting-room throwaway (it checks in only at about one-and-a-half minutes), the group spared no expense or detail on the packaging of the record.

The back of the 45 sleeve is fashioned like a spin-a-wheel game: “The Mystic Wheel of Nowledge.” On the front, the sleeve advertises a “special ltd edition rotate-a-song picture disc. … Sing-a-long whilst spelling corectly” (ha … get it?). Both sides of the 45 come in picture-disc format, probably more suitable for hanging as art than playing on the turntable.

Needless to say, Kaiser Chiefs make a compelling case with packaging for the benefits of owning tangible copies of music as opposed to the digital format.

Kaiser Chiefs | The Letter Song

One thought on “Kaiser Chiefs: “The Letter Song” (B-side)”

  1. i like the kaiser chiefs. they are fun. thanks for the b-side. and i totally agree with you on the cool packaging.

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