Kings of Leon/The Walkmen on May 19 SOLD OUT

While I’ve soured quite a bit on how Kings of Leon have fully embraced the artificial appearance of a walking rock cliche, I don’t think I had quite a full grasp on the band’s popularity until I learned today that its May 19 show at Mesa Amphitheatre is now sold out.

In a sometimes-finicky/apathetic concert market, KOL managed to sell out a nearly 5,000-capacity venue at $45 a ticket. Not to mention the show starts at 5 p.m., when it will be 100-plus degrees, but, hey, it’s a dry heat. (Everyone probably just wants to see The Walkmen, right?) Of course, this means the Craigslist market can be exploited, with some people willing to pay up to $160 for two tickets.

So, tell me: Why is Wilco playing El Paso and Tucson and skipping over Phoenix? I gotta believe Wilco would just as easily sell out Mesa Amp.

P.S. On a related note, if anyone is willing to sell an extra KOL ticket, my wife would truly appreciate it.

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