Leaders of the New Cool mixtape

As I mentioned Sunday, tonight is the Q-Tip extravaganza with the Cool Kids and the Knux.

Weiss, who saw the show in Los Angeles, was kind enough to give me a heads up to get to the show early to catch the Knux. Also, of Q-Tip, he said, “He tore it down last night.” No surprise there. Can’t wait. (Keep checking back with Passion of the Weiss, as I’m sure Jeff will have a detailed/in-depth review.)

As a teaser for the openers, check out the Leaders of the New Cool mixtape, presented by Mick Boogie and DJ Treats, a celebration of the youthful hip-hop talent rising to the surface. The Knux, the Cool Kids, 88-Keys and Charles Hamilton are among those featured on the mix.

[ZIP]: Mike Boogie and DJ Treats | Leaders of the New Cool

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