Let’s try this again — Low: Breaker

Sub Pop officially has made an mp3 available from Low’s upcoming new album Drums and Guns, which I wrote about last month and included a (short-lived) song. Anyway, it always looks so much cooler as a premiere on Pitchfork.

As it is, looks like the rest of Sub Pop’s roster can get the attention and resources being hogged by that other band. (If I have to see one more ironic photo of the Shins in swim trunks or life jackets, I may try hurting myself with a plastic knife.)

In the interest of time (and to prove, as always, that looking back on my own writing makes me cringe), I’ll show you what I wrote last month about Drums and Guns. This could be the first time I’m quoting myself:

“Low maintains its “slowcore” roots here, but this added layer of electronic assistance pushes the group into more a abstract place. Yet these ambient and almost incidental blips/bleeps (best appreciated on headphones) hardly clutter the sound; given Low’s minimal foundation, there certainly was room to add on without interfering with what they do best. Of course, Low likely threatens to turn off traditionalists with these new arrangements (if The Great Destroyer didn’t already), but, again, none of it feels excessive; the mood is still stark and haunting.”

A month later, I still feel the same (imagine that!) and this is my favorite release of this short year. In yo’ face, Mercer.

  • Low | Breaker

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