Living Legends: She Wants Me


In the almost three years I’ve been keeping this blog, I’m not sure I’ve seen a better batch of live offerings in the metro Phoenix area in one night than what’s going on Monday.

You’ve got Nada Surf and Sea Wolf at the Clubhouse in Tempe. Then there’s Born Ruffians and Cadence Weapon at Rhythm Room. The Lisps are at the Trunk Space. And don’t forget the entire Living Legends crew at the Brickhouse (via Universatile Music).

I’m sticking to my plan of going to see Born Ruffians/Cadence Weapon, though on any other night you’d find me at Nada Surf/Sea Wolf or Living Legends. I saw the full Legends crew at the Paid Dues Festival last year, and I was surprised to see they are touring again considering Murs’ major-label debut, Murs for President, is due for release this year.

But, as Analog Giant pointed out, the Legends have a new seven-song EP to support, The Gathering, due out April 8 (or available on the spring tour).

They’ve made available a track for download, She Wants Me. “Met her on MySpace, led her to my place.”

  • Living Legends | She Wants Me

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