“Long Distance Call” (25 Hours A Day Mix)

It’s funny the places you can find music. Like, say, at Buffalo Exchange, a used clothing store for elitists and hipsters. No, seriously. I’m not bitter. I mean, I brought in about 15 shirts and they took one. It’s really fun – and humiliating! – standing there as they count the reasons they can’t buy your clothes (Old Navy?!? Gasp!). If I needed any proof of where I stand on the hipness scale, those 10 demeaning minutes said it all.

Well, they did take some of my wife’s clothes, and as we were collecting our cash ($24 … oooh, enough for two more Old Navy shirts), there were some freebie CDs from Phoenix, everyone’s favorite French band. It’s one of those CDs you get for free when you buy the full-length. In any case, the disc has two remixes of the irresistible Long Distance Call, one of which – Sebastien Tellier Mix – my man Royce already posted on about a month ago.

The other remix, 25 Hours A Day Mix, is an up-tempo reworking of the original by a fellow Frenchman who goes by the moniker 25 Hours A Day. Long Distance Call might very well be the year’s catchiest tune. Not saying it’s the best, but the one that Most Likely Will Be Stuck In Your Head For Days.

On a related note, Phoenix is coming to, uh, Phoenix (OK, Scottsdale) on Sept. 18 to Martini Ranch.

Phoenix | Long Distance Call (25 Hours A Day Mix)

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