Low: Try to Sleep (video, feat. John Stamos)


Finally, after almost six years of writing this blog, I have reason to use John Stamos’ name in a post title. I expect my traffic to explode accordingly. People are Googling “John Stamos,” right?

But seriously, this is a pretty gorgeous video for Try to Sleep, the first single off Low’s newly released album C’Mon.

Turns out, Stamos, who looks very Mad Men-esque here, is a fan of the band: “I’m actually good friends with their producer Matt Beckley, and he had played me some of the record while they we’re making it, which I loved. Ironically it turns out I was a big fan of one of their older songs Cue the Strings … I’m a sucker for a well written song with great harmonies, and when it came time for them to cast the video, they asked if I’d like to be involved, I liked the concept I was happy to be a part of it. The new record is on all the time at my place. One of my favorite indie bands.”

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