Lymbyc Systym: “Love Your Abuser”

In my neglect of the local Phoenix/Tempe scene, a lot of great music has come or is coming out that requires my catching up.First up is the Lymbyc Systym, a duo comprised of brothers Mike (drums/electronics) and Jared Bell (keyboards). I actually had no idea they were from Tempe until someone told us when we saw them open for the Album Leaf. Turns out, I was spelling their name wrong, too. Not “System,” but “Systym.” (I’m sure there’s a deeper artistic meaning to all the “y’s” there, but it’s beyond my mental grasp.)

These guys are making headway pretty fast. They signed to Mush Records (home, at some point or another, to the likes of Aesop Rock, Clouddead and Busdriver) and are preparing to release the full-length Love Your Abuser on Jan. 23. Lymbyc is playing Modified on Dec. 16 with Asleep in the Sea and Metrognome to celebrate the release.An opening slot on the Album Leaf’s fall tour is your first clue about what to expect from Lymbyc Systym: spacey, atmospheric – and lyric-less – soundscapes. (Jimmy Lavelle makes a guest spot on the record, too.) I’ve said it before, but all-instrumental music is typically a challenge to my patience. But with Lymbyc, there’s great attention to detail, as most electronic-laptop pop requires. It isn’t senseless, sloppy jamming, but articulate, mindful translation of ones and zeroes into something a little more tangible.

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