Lyrics Born: Funky Hit Records (mp3, video)

I’m not holding my breath for another Latyrx album, but if Lyrics Born can keep this up, then maybe I won’t mind.

LB dropped this track, Funky Hit Records, as a free download on his Web site in mid-March, a song that is slated to appear on his upcoming album As U Were. Of the track, Lyrics Born had this to say:

“Wanted to do a little something capturing a period of 80’s rap that hasn’t
been touched yet. That early Juice Crew/Marley Marl era. THAT shit was ART.
Complete w/a Trackademicks drum track, a vid clip and all, directed by JB
and myself.”

No doubt the drum line has to be inspired, at least a little, by the bumpin’ Marley Marl Scratch.

Check the video below:

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