Lyrics Born: Pushed Aside, Pulled Apart (w/Lateef)

One of the great (and overlooked) hip-hop works from the ’90s was the debut from Latyrx – a record so undeniably cool it only needed to go by the name Latyrx (The Album). The duo – Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truthspeaker – created one of the first albums that really challenged my ideas of what hip-hop was (and what it could be). Coming from the inimitable Solesides/Quannum crew, that shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Sadly, we never got a proper follow-up. But maybe we have the start of something here with the new Lyrics Born single, Pushed Aside, Pulled Apart, which features his old running mate Lateef. There must be some sort of market still yearning for Latyrx because LB’s bandwidth took a hit on a free download of the mp3 (at least as of Tuesday night).

So I don’t have an mp3 to offer – keep checking back with the good peeps at – but there was a video released for the song, which appears on The Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season Pho mixtape (purchase here).

UPDATE: MP3 is available again.

Lyrics Born: Funky Hit Records

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