Magneto “Sounds Like Space”

Typically, I try to avoid the pitfall of hyperbole when writing about bands I like. Otherwise, after awhile, it’s just going to sound like you’re crying wolf (hey, I didn’t say I avoided cliches).

So take my word when I tell you I’m really (italics, even!) excited about Magneto, a four-piece outfit from Seattle. It just so happens Magneto will be in Phoenix on April 2, playing with sourceVictoria and Seven Storey Mountain. (Venue TBD.)

The Seattle Times recently hailed Magneto as “a promising Dinosaur Jr.-meets-My Bloody Valentine (don’t try this at home) quartet. Lian Light, sounding like the stepdaughter of J Mascis, could be Seattle’s next indie icon.” Heady praise and probably spot on.

Without hearing the whole of Magneto’s new LP Sounds Like Space, my initial attempt at a comparison is something in the vein of Hum – spacious, unconfined guitars (sounds like space, perhaps?) and vocals that drift over the whole arrangement. Those big, melodic guitar lines might even be categorized as “shoegazing,” if one were so inclined.

Buy Sounds like Space (on The Swingline label) at CDbaby or iTunes.
Check Magneto’s MySpace page.

Magneto | Touch and Go (very highly recommended. really.)
Magneto | So Tired

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  1. Thanks for the kind words… great to see some love for our latest in sunny AZ.

    The Swingline Records

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