Mama Said Knock You Out (DJ Z-Trip remix)

A few of you seemed to dislike the last DJ Z-Trip remix I posted, his reworking of Nirvana’s Lounge Act.

Well, I’m here to tell you I won’t quit posting anything he does so long as he’s making them available.

This time, Z-Trip takes on a hip-hop heavyweight – LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out – and adds a touch (OK, more than a touch) of rock to it.

Check out summer tour dates for Z-Trip.

  • LL Cool J | Mama Said Knock You Out (DJ Z-Trip remix)

NOT REALLY RELATED AT ALL: I’m headed to New York on Monday for a week. For those that don’t know, I’ve worked at The Arizona Republic the past five-plus years (my second time around after working there part time in college). Well, that all ended after I took a job with, the Web site (and its team sites) of Major League Baseball. Thus, my trip to New York for training.

I’ve already got some good recommendations for record stores for whatever spare time I’ll have. I’ll take any other suggestions for music, restaurants, shopping, etc. Unfortunately, I’m working nights, so I won’t get to any shows.

Besides feeling blessed for working for the professional league of the sport I’ve loved since I could wear a hat, this also means I’ll be doing some freelancing about town here, including for, yes, The Republic. My first bit of work was a review of the Kills show last Thursday.

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