Meanest Man Contest: Partially Smart (video)

I knew it would be a daunting task to catch up on e-mails/music/etc. after our two-week trip to Thailand (which was amazing, of course). But I certainly didn’t expect the process to be delayed by surgery for gallbladder removal (had a stone stuck in there) over the weekend, which started with curiously excruciating abdominal pain on Friday evening and ended with me leaving the hospital on Sunday afternoon with one less organ.

I’m on the mend now and have a shaved stomach with four incisions, a sore right shoulder (“referred” pain) and a prescription for Oxycodone for my troubles. That’s not to mention our poor little cat Otis, who had to have a piece of foam he chewed/swallowed removed from his intestine on Monday. Good times!

Anyway, it’s all left me napping multiple times throughout the day and laying around with the laptop as I try to catch up (finished Season 1 of Mad Men and got a good start on James Swanson’s Manhunt). One of the first orders of business in posting is to get this new Meanest Man Contest video in front of your eyes.

This track, Partially Smart, has been around for a couple years as part of an EP by the same name on RCRD LBL, but the video is a tie-in to a web comedy series called Txt M3 B1tch, created by the director of the video (John Irwin).

Like most endeavors MMC undertakes – whether it’s curating a book soundtrack or, just recently, creating a mix of country classics in other languages – Eric Steuer (aka Eriksolo) and Noah Blumberg (aka Quarterbar) again prove themselves to be culturally relevant and refined in this humorous send-up/dis of the scenester lifestyle we all love to hate.

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