MESH: Hipsters Are the New Jocks


I stumbled across this hilarious bit of parody-meets-social commentary while listening to a mix that DJ Z-Trip put together for a radio station and posted for download.

When I heard the chorus – “hipsters are the new jocks / it don’t take much to realize that” – I had to have it.

This is what I know: The track is by an artist/graf writer called MESH from Brooklyn. And what better city from which to derive inspiration for a hipster-hating anthem. (As MESH says on his YouTube page, Williamsburg is hipster capital.)

The video (below) adds a nice visual twist of the knife, too. Check the beginning when Mesh asks a guy and a girl for a smug look, and the girl says she doesn’t want to do it: “Am I hitting too close to home?” Asymmetrical haircuts, skinny jeans, ironic mustaches. Ooooh, I can feel my blood pressure rise. You can win a game of hipster bingo just watching the video.

And is it just me or does Mesh sound a little like Shock G from Digital Underground?

  • MESH | Hipsters Are the New Jocks

8 thoughts on “MESH: Hipsters Are the New Jocks”

  1. True story about Jeff Weiss: When he raps, he sounds eerily like Humpty Hump. Not making this up.

  2. Just found this page after googling that great line –I found out about it because its on this Z-Trip/Mstrkrt Soundclash of the Titans that was recently released. I bought it because it came with a poster I wanted by Shepard Fairey, but the disk is quite good and the “Hipsters are the New Jocks” section caught my attention in Z-Trip’s portion.

  3. Like, Bobak, I also found this page after listening to the DJ Z-Trip set on the recently released MSTRKRFT and DJ Z-Trip – Soundclash of the Titans album.

    You guys should really try to find yourself a copy of this album… the DJ Z-Trip version of this is a lot better than the original (no offense MESH)

    That video is pretty funny though. I especially like the hipster wearing the mime looking beater. good stuff….

  4. I dig what my cousin Matt has been doing musically and otherwise since he first showd his breakdancing skills in 1983.

  5. I also discovered this track from the Z-Trip mix, which can be found on Z-Trip’s SoundCloud page. This MESH track caught my attention, so I did a lyrics search and came across this blog. I’m going to check out the OG version, although tough to sound as good as the Z-Trip version. (No offense.) Good call on Shock G. Initially, I was thinking Dana Dane.

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