Miniature Tigers’ new album is called Fortress

Miniature Tigers - Fortress

We don’t have a song yet, but we do have what appears to be the album artwork – tweeted by singer Charlie Brand – for the forthcoming Miniature Tigers album, Fortress, the follow-up to the very catchy and popular debut Tell It to the Volcano. (I presume, like Volcano, the Fortress artwork was created by drummer Rick Schaier, also the man behind Alvin Band.)

Fortress, co-produced by Chris Chu of the Morning Benders, is due out sometime this summer on the Phoenix-bred Modern Art Records label, a new partner of Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group.

Short of having a tracklisting, I can only assume some of the new material the band has tested out over the past year or so – like Lolita or Egyptian Robe and Dark Tower – will find its way onto the 10-song Fortress. We do know the first single is called Gold Skull (featuring Neon Indian) and will be released in May.

The Tigers relocated from Phoenix to New York to record – don’t expect me to get in the middle of that debate – so their March 23 show at the Rhythm Room with the Morning Benders, part of a national tour, could be considered a homecoming, I suppose. Tickets are $10 and likely will sell fast, if they haven’t already.

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