Nada Surf: I Like What You Say (acoustic)


I love Stinkweeds. It’s the one record store in town that will sell albums on Monday that are due out Tuesday.

Such was the case yesterday when I bought the new Nada Surf album, Lucky. Even better, it came with a four-song bonus disc: Whose Authority (acoustic); I Like What You Say (acoustic); I Wanna Take You Home (feat. Juliana Hatfield) and Everyone’s On Tour. See? There really are benefits of still buying a CD (get it at Barsuk). And I haven’t even devoured what looks to be an intriguing set of liner notes.

Remember: Nada Surf at the Clubhouse on March 17 (via Stateside Presents). That same night is Born Ruffians and Cadence Weapon at Rhythm Room and Living Legends at the Brickhouse. Good lord! But now I see Sea Wolf is opening for Nada Surf, which could tip the scales in the favor of that show. You really can’t go wrong at any of them.

Check out the Nada Surf ecard, which has the Whose Authority video and in-studio clips.

UPDATE of the utmost importance!:
Happy 5th birthday to my niece Quinn! I can’t believe it. She was pictured on this blog in 2005, when she was 2. Of course, she’s not reading this (but her dad might be). Time flies, and I cannot believe Niece No. 1 is already 5 years old (and the big sister of two more beautiful girls). I am sure that big things await Quinn, who was a major reason I moved back to Phoenix (from Texas) in 2002 — and I’m so glad I did. Happy birthday, Quinn-o!

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