Nada Surf: No Quick Fix (B-side)

Spent the weekend in Henderson, Nev., with the in-laws, which allowed ample time in the car – two-hour delay at Hoover Dam! – for some intimate time with the iPod. That meant revisiting some of this year’s early releases, including Nada Surf’s Lucky.

I haven’t seen Lucky on many year-end lists, which seems criminal. All Nada Surf does is put out solid albums. There is nothing flashy or sexy about it … and that, sadly, seems to cost the group a little notoriety. Too bad. Lucky, released in February, likely will be overlooked by many 10 months later.

Clearly, fans have not overlooked the band, which just released a vinyl box set of all five albums (limited to 1,000 copies) that includes a download for 16 b-sides/rarities. Barsuk already is sold out of the collection, released Nov. 25. But the label has kindly provided one of the b-sides, No Quick Fix, from the Let Go era. Enjoy below.

Locally, check with Stinkweeds for a copy of the box set.

4 thoughts on “Nada Surf: No Quick Fix (B-side)”

  1. i dunno i thought lucky was pretty bland and boring, especially considering how great their last couple of albums have been. i didn’t like this much at all

  2. It’s my #1! I was afraid of the same thing too, and I’m glad to see it graced your list.

    Still not sure about coughing up 100 bones for the box set. Especially since I have yet to buy a record player out here. Maybe this is as good a reason as any.

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