Neko Case: Behind the House (demo)

I’m getting a little more than irritated at how many albums are being rereleased so soon after their original release. It’s one thing to remaster/rerelease an album 20 years old. It’s quite another to reissue an album released in 2006, baiting consumers with the “bonus” material lure.

That’s the case with Anti, which rereleased Neko Case’s Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (originally out March 7, 2006), which now includes a five-song bonus disc. Is it not enough to buy an album once any more? Times like this make me thankful that songs can be purchased individually. And thank God iTunes isn’t pulling the “album only” stunt on the Fox Confessor bonus material.

Even better, Neko Case is offering one of the bonus tracks, a demo version of Behind the House, a song previously released only on her live CD from Austin City Limits.

2 thoughts on “Neko Case: Behind the House (demo)”

  1. Agreed. Anti should take a cue from Wilco and offer the bonus material as a free download to those who’ve already paid. I think I did that with Alligator too. It still upsets me, the idea behind re-releasing year-old albums, but that’s the least they could do. Thanks for the song.

  2. Anti- should press physical singles of current material for those of us unable to purchase the label’s European-only iTunes releases.

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