Neko Case/Anti- offer mp3 of Middle Cyclone

In honor of the one-year anniversary of its blog, Anti- is offering a free download of Middle Cyclone, the title track from Neko Case’s amazing new album (due out on Tuesday).

Previously, Neko (yep, we’re on a first-name basis) offered up People Got a Lotta Nerve, which helped benefit Best Friends Animal Society.

On Middle Cyclone, Neko sings beautifully over an acoustic guitar and the intermittent loop of what sounds like a child’s toy (a jack in the box perhaps?). “Can’t give up acting tough / it’s all that I’m made of.” Also, it’s a great excuse to run a picture of Neko eating a red rope piece of licorice.

2 thoughts on “Neko Case/Anti- offer mp3 of Middle Cyclone”

  1. I know I’m SUPER critical and hold the standards for my favorite artists extremely high, but…I haven’t been blown away by anything Neko Case since “Blacklisted” or “Fox Confessor…” Same goes for M. Ward, Ted Leo, etc. These guys just keep making the same record over and over with the same sounds. I’m not saying change your sound, but challenge yourself.

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