New Aceyalone: Eazy (feat. Chali 2na)

At this point, I think Chali 2na has surpassed Q-Tip in his prime as the go-to cameo rapper. The former Jurassic 5 baritone – named one of the top 10 underrated rappers by Passion of the Weiss – shows up here with Aceyalone, who is set to release his new full-length Lightning Strikes (Decon) on Oct. 2.

If I find the time, I might have to put together a Chali 2na mix similar to the one I did with Q-Tip (Side A and Side B).

Anyway, Eazy shows Aceyalone branching out into some dancehall-style grooves. And after listening to the new Kanye West album for the past five days, which I’ve quite enjoyed, it’s hard not to notice Acey’s superior flow. He has feel inside and out of a beat, and even on the unfamiliar terrain here produced by LA’s Bionik, Acey never stumbles or sounds lost.

  • Aceyalone feat. Chali 2na | Eazy
  • Aceyalone | Eazy (instrumental)

2 thoughts on “New Aceyalone: Eazy (feat. Chali 2na)”

  1. Have you got the Chali 2na mix CD ‘Fish Market’? That’s mainly a bunch of collabs/cameos although there have been newer tracks that aren’t on there. i’ll be checkilng back for the mix though in case there’s something there i haven’t got!
    Chali is gonna pop up on my blog within the next week so watch for that too.

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