New Baby Dayliner: “Dolemite”

Look, I think we should talk. Me and you. I just don’t want you to be surprised or alarmed if Baby Dayliner’s Critics Pass Away LP ends up on my best-of list for the year, OK? I know all the anonymous commenters will hate it. But I think you, you will understand. Have you heard the lounge-heavy beats? Or his voice, unapologetically romantic?

Baby Dayliner, who signs his checks Ethan Marunas, is streaming a new track at his MySpace page. It’s just as good as anything off Critics Pass Away. It’s called Dolemite, and it’s a rhythm junkie’s dream: big, splashy snare drums and hand claps. Hand claps! The rhythm is intricate, but it all stays on time until the chorus, when the tempo picks up under nostalgic strokes of what sounds like that Casio keyboard you got for Christmas that one year. (You know what I’m talking about.)

I’m serious. I won’t quit till you’re convinced.

Stream Dolemite here.

Or try this:

Baby Dayliner | At Least (via Brassland)

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