New Band of Horses: Compliments (video)

Lost in my excitement about new material from The National is the first preview of the forthcoming album from Band of Horses, Infinite Arms (out May 18 on Brown/Fat Possum/Columbia).

The band released this video for Compliments last week, and my guess is the kaleidoscope-like visuals seemed way cooler after the first few hits, duuuudes. You can download the video (but not an mp3 … weird) at the Band of Horses site and pre-order the album at Fat Possum.

3 thoughts on “New Band of Horses: Compliments (video)”

  1. I saw them for the third time about a month ago at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. The new material is definitely different, a bit of a departure from their epic style of before, but I thought it was great stuff. A bit more of a country influence is prevalent. I’m psyched for the album.

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