New Handsome Furs: I’m Confused

About the only thing more titillating than those Handsome Furs promotional photos is the mere fact that a new album, Face Control, is on its way, due out March 10 (via Sub Pop).

My friend Royce basically nailed it when he recently said Dan Boeckner was the guy keeping Wolf Parade focused, preventing Spencer Krug from taking the band into the proggy Sunset Rubdown arena. I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s the tracklisting for Face Control:

1. Legal Tender
2. Evangeline
3. Talking Hotel Arbat Blues
4. (Passport Kontrol)
5. All We Want, Baby, Is Everything
6. I’m Confused
7. (White City)
8. Nyet Spasiba
9. Officer of Hearts
10. (It’s Not Me, It’s You)
11. Thy Will Be Done
12. Radio Kaliningrad

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