New Jeremy Enigk: Life’s Too Short

Jeremy Enigk is sharing a second song – Life’s Too Short – off his forthcoming album OK Bear (due out May 12 on his Lewis Hollow label).

You might remember Mind Idea from a couple months ago. If categorizing a singer’s solo work in the context of his former band is your thing, then I’d say Life’s Too Short fits somewhere between How It Feels to Be Something On and The Rising Tide (which I always felt was a bit underrated).

As I was reminiscing about Sunny Day Real Estate the other night, I stumbled across this fantastic live video of one of my favorite SDRE songs, In Circles. (Does Jeremy Enigk have his nose pierced here? There’s also that dark side to the nose ring).

I also discovered that William Goldsmith – one of my favorite drummers – suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, which threatened his career. I really hope to see him surface with a band soon. One of my fondest memories of SDRE is seeing them in Scottsdale at the Cajun House and being mesmerized by Goldsmith knocking out the final fading pulses on Days Were Golden on his snare, the last man standing on stage (like he does here).

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