New Jeremy Enigk: Mind Idea

Few voices are as distinct and recognizable in indie rock as Jeremy Enigk’s, so it’s good to hear the former Sunny Day Real Estate frontman on this new track Mind Idea, the first single from the forthcoming OK Bear.

Billboard reported in November that Enigk “returns to the heavier rock sound of his old band” on the new solo album, which likely means we won’t see anything as grandiose or orchestral as Return of the Frog Queen, his amazing solo debut. Still, Enigk is obviously capable of crafting epic compositions, as he showed in spots on 2006’s World Waits. With that voice, Enigk can’t help but sound epic, and Mind Idea certainly soars – albeit in a rather brief two minutes, 38 seconds. (Why do I get the feeling I’ll be dusting off my copy of How It Feels to Be Something On very soon?)

OK Bear is due out May 12 on his Lewis Hollow label.

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