New Miniature Tigers: Lolita (live, acoustic)

We’ll be seeing Phoenix’s own Miniature Tigers open for The Dodos on Wendesday night at Modified, a venue that’s stirred quite the buzz around town the past couple of days.

Anyway, the Mini T’s have been riding high and touring the country on the strength of the debut LP Tell it to the Volcano, an album I unbelievably found used on vinyl at Zia Records a couple weeks ago (along with the White Magic EP … white vinyl!). And it looks like the guys stopped by KWUR in St. Louis for a four-song acoustic session, including what appears to be a new track, Lolita.

Alvin Band: Temple Pressure (video, mp3)
Miniature Tigers on The Interface
Miniature Tigers on The Train Tracks
Miniature Tigers on Daytrotter

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