New Nada Surf: When I Was Young


At 44, Matthew Caws isn’t exactly old. But with a career that’s spanned 15 years (and counting) since the release of Nada Surf’s first album, the band’s frontman is feeling reflective on “When I Was Young,” the lead single from the forthcoming album The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy (due Jan. 24 on Barsuk).

The man who sarcastically offered advice on the politics of teenage popularity – still a great song – is now taking inventory on life in his 40s. Thankfully, Nada Surf has aged gracefully.

“When I Was Young” finds Caws embracing the moment, the sort of earnest writing that took the band from the awkward teen years of “Popular” into more refined territory: “When I was young / I didn’t know if I was better off asleep or up / Now I’ve grown up / I wonder what was that world I was dreaming of.”

Stars is Nada Surf’s seventh album and first of new material since 2008’s Lucky.

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