No Knife: The Red Bedroom (on Fox Rox)

Once again, I’ve got No Knife on the brain after I interviewed singer/guitarist Ryan Ferguson on Friday for a story I wrote previewing the band’s quasi reunion for its opening slot on Jimmy Eat World’s “Clarity x 10” tour this Saturday in Tempe.

I’ll post the interview once the story is published and after I transcribe everything – we talked for about 40 minutes on music, baseball (poor guy, Ferguson’s a big Padres fan), fantasy sports and more, so obviously not everything made the cut for the story. Needless to say, it was one of the more engaging conversations I’ve had with a musician. Super nice guy.

If you’re headed to the show, Ferguson said the band likely will play nine or 10 songs, but the guys have 12 ready to go just in case. Don’t be surprised if JEW frontman Jim Adkins joins the band for his customary guest spot on Charming from 1999’s Fire in the City of Automatons.

In the meantime, below is a video of No Knife performing The Red Bedroom on Fox Rox, which I believe was a televised music show based out of San Diego.

And be sure to get some No Knife mp3s at the group’s site.

2 thoughts on “No Knife: The Red Bedroom (on Fox Rox)”

  1. 10 new no knife songs ??? OMFG

    i was going to go to this show but probably won’t be able to make it anymore. sad

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